Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Picture books from Duck Creek Press

Duck Creek Press have three new hardback books:
The House that went to Sea by Melinda Szymanik, illustrated by Gabriella Klepatski
Isbn: 978-1-877378-51-5 HB $29.99
Granny Gale's house smelt of fish, and
rocked with the booming of the waves.
Built out of timber taken from old
boats, the cottage leaned towards the
sea, as if at a moment's notice it would
leap into the water and sail away.
And sail away it does with Michael Mariner and Granny Gale. At first Michael is reluctant to try anything new and spends all this time watching TV. Granny Gale unsuccessful tries to get him to race paper boats and pick pipis with her but he's not having a bar of it until the day Granny upped anchor. A delightful story about a boy finding himself (as well as his parents along the way). Gabriella's European-style drawings give the story a lovely old-worlde feel to this beautiful book. Will be cherished by 4-12 year olds. Some boys may recognise themselves in Michael and perhaps may up anchor themselves... A very relevant story for our technology-mad kids.
Melinda Szymanik is the award winning author of The Were Nana. She's also written other picture books, short stories and novels for young people including Jack the Viking. She lives in Auckland with her family, a cat and a dog, and blogs/facebooks in her spare time.
Gabriella Klepatski has been sketching and drawing for as far back as she can remember. In her twenty-five years in New Zealand she has been illustrating books and filling her life with other interests.
Whetu: The Little Blue Duck by Jennifer Beck and Renee Haggo
ISBN: 978-1-877378-52-2 HB $ 29.99
In the beginning, he didn't have a name.
The little Blue Duck was just lucky to be alive.
Even before he'd hatched in the nest beside the river,
the other eggs were washed away in a spring flood.
While growing up little Blue Duck manages to survive other near disasters such as being snatched by a stealthy stoat and being drowned by a white water raft. Lucky for him his parents stuck by him and taught him how to hide, find his food, and swim through the swift mountain river. Then comes the day he must find his own territory and mate...
At this point in the story the little Blue Duck's life intercepts with a lost traveller's life. He helps her find the river unwittingly with his call, and she helps save his river.
Six to Ten year old readers will enjoy this conservationist tale. Teachers could use it as a lead-in to a native bird study in the social studies curriculum. Renee Haggo's artwork is stunning in this picture book; she manages to capture the movement of the water, whilst also the characters of the blue ducks.
Jennifer Beck has written numerous picture books; many of which have won awards including The Bantam and the Soldier, and Nobody's Dog.
Renee Haggo is a graduate of AUT University in Auckland where she majored in Graphic Design. Renee primarily illustrates with pen and ink, watercolours and acrylics. She recently illustrated Maurice Shadbolt's The Mountain who wanted to live in a house.

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