Sunday, August 7, 2011

Activity Books

2011 seems to be a year for activity books - perhaps cheaper to publish than non-fiction books.
The Great Animal Puzzle Book by Barbara Telfer (Scholastic)
A great activity book for the holidays. It contains 100 puzzles including wordfinds, true and false statements, dot-to-dots, codes, crosswords, clue boxes, alphabet animals, colouring-in puzzles, unscrambled letters and lots more. All done in black and white, in an A4 sized book.
The Great Rugby Activity Book by A. Barry (Scholastic)
An activity book for all those rugby fans (boys and girls). First, you put your family into the Family Sports Tree, enter your own player profile and record, play a few puzzles, codes and wordfinds, draw a tackle, exercise your brain, and end with a bit of rugby trivia.
The What Now Big Book of Fun by the What Now Team (Scholastic)
A colourful activity book that includes photographs of the What Now team, a play to act out, tips on how to draw, pictures to colour-in, info on behind the scenes, puzzle activities including mazes, sudoku, things to make, and a joke on each page. Will be popular with children 6-8 years.
501 Great Kiwi Jokes illustrated by Donovan Bixley (Scholastic)
Proceeds go towards CureKids.
There's jokes from New Zealand: What kind of letters do you send to Wellington? Capital letters.
There's sport jokes: What can you serve but never eat? A tennis ball!
Foodie jokes: What's a sheep's favourite thing to eat? A baaaanana.
Animal jokes: Why did the dairy farmer ride his horse? Because it was too heavy to carry!
Music jokes: What kind of music does your father like to play? Pop music.
And lots of other types of jokes (actually 501 of them).
109 pages, black and white. For everyone who likes a good laugh.

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