Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Board Books

The Little Yellow Digger by Betty and Alan Gilderdale, Scholastic NZ
Yes, it’s been around for yonks and there have been over 400,000 copies sold – but this is the board book version!! It’s a nice size for little hands, and is well laid out with big black print and lots of white space. What more can I say about this classic picture book? Maybe that it was the winner of the Gaelyn Gordon Award for a Much-Loved Book in 2003? Or that the idea came from a real event, when one of the Gilderdales’ grandchildren told them about a digger getting stuck and a bigger digger had to come and dig it out...? My copy will shortly be in the hands of my 15-month-old grandson – who will love it.
ISBN 978 1 77543 034 6 RRP $17.99
Reviewed by Lorraine Orman

My First All Blacks Book, Penguin NZ
When is a book not a book? When it’s a twelve-page board book in the shape of a rugby jersey! Flip up the pages to see colour photos of The Jersey, Boots, Field, Whistle, Flag, Referee, Socks, Fans, Shorts, Goalposts, Rugby Ball (Adidas), and the Silver Fern (no All Blacks, though). Okay, it’s a publicity device, but I bet lots of people will buy it. Overseas tourists will take it home for their grandchildren, while rugby-mad parents will give it to their toddlers and salve their consciences while they watch the Cup games on TV. And with some parental help, these toddlers just might make the mental connection between the pictures in their book and what they’re seeing on the screen...
ISBN 978 014350494 8 RRP $12.99
Reviewed by Lorraine Orman

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