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Resurrection by Mandy Hager

Resurrection by Mandy Hager (Random House)

In 'The Crossing' Book One Maryam discovers that the elders who govern their island are really a religious cult that use and abuse the native islanders. Maryam flees Onewere Island with Ruth, Joseph and Lazarus in a boat to the unknown...

In 'Into the Wilderness' Book Two the foursome land on an isolated island and find the remains of a slaughtered tribe. The foursome patch their boat and set off determined to find help for Joseph, whose reoccurence of a deadly illness worsens. They are struck by a vicious storm and drift for days until they are rescued by people who treat the refugees as prisoners. They are thrown into a detention camp and Lazarus shows sign of the illness that killed his brother Joseph. Maryam looks for a cure to save Lazarus and to take back to her people...

In 'Resurrection' Book Three Maryam willingly asks to be taken to where she was picked up by the boat people. She spends several days back on the deserted island until Lazarus joins her in his yacht. Together they sail back to their island and endeavour to tell their people they do not have to be slaves to the elders any more...

The trilogy deals with a variety of issues including rape, unwanted pregnancy, slavery and religious fanaticism. Tough issues for teenage readers but Mandy Hager tempers it with hope, love, excellent writing and a powerful ending.

Mandy Hager won the Esther Glen Award for Fiction for her novel 'Smashed' and Best Young Adult book in the New Zealand Post Book Awards 2010 for 'The Crossing'.

ISBN: 9781869795221 RRP $19.95

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