Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Zealand non-fiction children's books

The Life cycle of the Tuatara by Betty Brownlie (Scholastic) - new!

The life cycle of the Frog by Betty Brownlie (Scholastic) - reprint

Other books in the series include Life Cycles of the: kiwi, Monarch butterfly, pukeko, royal albatross. Some of these books were printed in the early 1990s with Betty Brownlie's intricate illustrations. The books are back with new covers and sumptious photographs. The photographs can be small, clipped out to go with relevant text or take up a whole page. The design is uncluttered , simple and colourful. Subjects covered are: where they live, what they look like, a close look at their legs and feet/eggs and hatching, how they sound, the life cycle, mating, different stages of growth, what they eat, threats and where relevant how they are being saved.

An excellent resource for the Primary classroom.

Betty Brownlie is an Illustrator, author, and wildlife artist. She formerly worked as a dental nurse. Betty's books have won the: Aim Children's Book Award shortlist, 1993, for The Life Cycle of the Common Frog, The Life of the Monarch Butterfly, The Life Cycle of the Common Sparrow, and The Life Cycle of the Hedgehog, and 1995, for The Life Cycle of the Praying Mantis; New Zealand Library Association Book Award Honor award, 1995, for The Life Cycle of the Grasshopper; national awards for watercolor painting and pencil drawing. The Life Cycle of the Pukeko is a shortlist in the 2011 New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards.

ISBN: 978-1-86943-964-4 RRP $19.50

Reviewed by Maria Gill

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