Friday, March 4, 2011

Three new NZ non-fiction children's books

I am a Whale by Barbara Todd illustrated by Helen Taylor
I swim through the sea
Then I lift up my tail
And dive down to the deep

The fourth book in the I am a ... series introduces 4-6 year old children to interesting facts about whales in rhyme. The reader learns the difference between toothed and baleen whales, their feeding habits, what makes them a mammal, how they use echolocation to find their prey, and problems they face. On the last three pages are more facts and activities for children to learn more about whales. A useful resource for Junior Primary and kindergarten classes, and parents with children who crave facts.

Barbara Todd has written more than 10 books on marine wildlife, covering topics from albatross and penguins to whales and sea lions. Based in Nelson, she spends several months of each year researching orca off the Pacific coast of North America.

Illustrator Helen Taylor has illustrated many natural history books. A Booming in the Night co-produced with her writer husband Ben Brown, won the NZ Post New Zealand Best Picture Book Award in 2006.

ISBN: 978-1-86966-298-1 RRP$16.99 (New Holland)

All About: New Zealand's Sea Life by Dave Gunson

This is the sixth book in the All About series. Other books in the series include birds, plants, insects, seashore and The Past. Dave Gunson introduces 60 of our most interesting sea creatures and plants. Written for the 6-9 year old reader each double page includes one large or several small coloured illustrations and 100 words of text about the sea creature being featured. Some pages also include text boxes with additional interesting facts. An index is included on the back page.

An excellent resource for middle school Primary and for children who enjoy devouring facts.

Dave Gunson is a prolific author of children's books. His repertoire includes such classics as Dave Gunson's New Zealand Wildlife, Kiwi of the Great Forest, and Lost Worlds of Aotearoa. Dave has also illustrated many other authors' books including Which New Zealand Bird? by award winning Andrew Crowe.

ISBN: 978-1-86966-284-4 RRP $24.99 pp64 (New Holland)

Young Gardener: get your hands dirty by Janice Marriott

Following on from Yates Young Gardener: Growing things to eat, Janice Marriott's latest gardening book is packed full of fun outdoor activities to do in your garden. Children will learn how to make raised beds, things with edible flowers, a worm wheel, a miniature gardem, a bird garden and lots more. To entertain children there are quizes, jokes, interesting fact boxes and many diagrams and illustrations to show how it is done.

A great present for grandparents to give their grandchildren.
RRP $24.99 (Harper Collins)

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