Saturday, February 12, 2011

Picture Book from Gecko

Zou and the Box of Kisses by Michel Gay, Gecko Press
Originally published in French, this title continues Gecko Press’s tradition of cute and quirky picture books. Zou is a baby zebra who is going off to holiday camp. He’s a bit unsure about going, so his parents prepare a box of tissues with kisses imprinted on both sides of the tissues. Zou is glad to have his parents’ kisses when it’s time to sleep on the train going to the camp – and all the other little zebras are happy to have a kiss from the box, too. By the time he gets to camp the next morning, Zou has made lots of friends and it doesn’t matter that all the kisses have been given away. The illustrations are appealing, done in calm pastel colours with plenty of restful white space. As always with Gecko, the presentation is excellent, including good-quality paper and cover flaps. Zou’s story will strike a chord with all preschoolers who are nervous about time spent away from Mum and Dad. (Also available in hardback for $32.99)
ISBN 978 1 877467 74 5 RRP $19.99
Reviewed by Lorraine Orman

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