Friday, December 17, 2010

Top Five Christmas books for children and young adult

Are you looking for an entertaining children's or young adult book to give as a Christmas present, if so check out these books:

Five entertaining books for 3-6 year olds.

  1. Hannah Bandanna's Hair by Nikki Slade Robinson
  2. Daisy's Maze by Kyle Mewburn
  3. The Fidgity Itch by Lucy Davey
  4. Witchy Goes Shopping by Dianne Boles
  5. The Moon & Farmer McPhee by Margaret Mahy
Plus any of The Kiwi Corker series books (by authors Chris Gurney and Sher Foley)

A great book for bedtime: The Rain Train by Elena de Roo, illustrated by Brian Lovelock

Non-fiction books for this age group - I am a ... series (seals, dolphin, penguin).

Want to give a book that gives back? See Quaky Cat by Diana Noonan - all proceeds going to Christchurch Quake Relief Charities.

Five entertaining books for 7-9 year olds:

  1. Boy Zero: Wannabe Hero by Peter Millet
  2. Violet Mackerel's Brilliant Plot
  3. Finnigan and the Pirates by Sheryl Jordan
  4. Hollie Chips by Anna Gowan
  5. Organ Music by Margaret Mahy

Plus Victoria Azaro's series for Saffron.

Non-fiction books: The Naughty Kids Book of Nature by Des Hunt, and 'Sensational Survivors' by Sandra Morris, House by A. Machowiak

Five entertaining books for 10-12 year olds include:

  1. The Shadow of the Boyd by Diana Menefy
  2. Tussock by Elizabeth Pulford
  3. Ebony Hill by Anna MacKenzie
  4. Dreams of Warriors by Susan Brocker
  5. Jonty & Choc by Vince Ford

Non-fiction books include:

'It's my turn to cook' by Margaret Brooker, The Kiwi Fossil Hunters Handbook by J. Crampton & M. Terezow, 'Brave Bess & the Anzac Horses' by Susan Brocker

Five entertaining books for teenagers (13 years +) include:

  1. The Project by Brian Falkner
  2. The Heir of Night by Helen Lowe
  3. Ruined by Paula Morris
  4. Into the Wilderness by Mandy Hagar
  5. The Limping Man by Maurice Gee

A non-fiction book for this age group: 'Who's Cooking Tonight?' with Claire Gourley

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