Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Book for Earthquake Charities

Quaky Cat by Diana Noonan, illustrated by Gavin Bishop (Scholastic) ISBN: 978 1 775 43 0292 RRP $ 19.50
Released 9 December 2010

On a cold Christchurch morning, while the city was sleeping,
before the birds roused him with twitters and cheeping,
curled up on the end of his friend Emma’s bed,
Tiger woke with a start ... and a feeling of dread.

Tiger fled from the house with a leap and a bound
as, louder than thunder, from deep underground,
came a roar and a shudder and terrible shaking!
Around him, the city was rolling and quaking.

Quaky flees through the rumbling rolling city and shoots up a tree to safety. He is joined by many other terrified cats until the city stops rocking. Then Quaky cat returns home to find Emma but what does he find instead ...

Author Diana Noonan and illustrator Gavin Bishop experienced the terrors of the Christchurch earthquake themselves. This is their tribute to help children who were traumatised in the Christchurch region and to help other children around the country understand what it was like. Quaky Cat is an uplifting, heartwarming tale for children, written in rhyme and illustrated with bright colourful pictures. It also includes a note to readers from both the author and illustrator about their personal reactions to the quake, as well as contributions from Mayor Bob Parker, Margaret Mahy and Jason Gunn - who all live in Christchurch. The author and illustrator have generously donated their royalties, and Scholastic has contributed 50% of net proceeds from the book to Christchurch charities. The book was produced using all Christchurch businesses and one free copy will be given to all Year 1 and 2 children in the Christchurch area.
Award-winning Diana Noonan has written over two hundred publications including young adult novels, picture books, non-fiction, poetry, radio stories, television material, feature film treatments, and short film scripts. She lives on the remote Catlins Coast of the lower South Island.
Multi-awardwinning author/illustrator, Gavin Bishop is arguably NZ’s best-known children’s book illustrator.

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