Sunday, November 7, 2010

Early childhood Picture Books

Slinky Malinki's Christmas Crackers by Lynley Dodd
ISBN: 978 014 350462 7 RRP$ 21 Boardbook

Christmas was coming.
Out came the tree,
dressed up in finery
splendid to see.
Trinkets and tinsel
with baubles and bows,
a mouse with a hat
and a very red

A reprint of one of Lynley Dodd's classic stories featuring Slinky Malinky. If you own a cat you will identify with this story - just when you've got the christmas tree dressed in its finery along comes a meddlesome cat to cause havoc... Lynley's stories are a joy to read; the rhythm and rhyme encourage you to recite the story in a sing song voice to young children. Toddlers will delight in the illustrations of that mischevious Slinky Malinky and the sparkles of the Christmas Tree. After reading the story parents can point to different shapes in the story and introduce new Christmassy words to their toddler. I can see this being a favourite with parent and child.
Lynley Dodd's picture books are sold around the world and it's not surprising - they have the right formula of fun, fantasy, rhythm and rhyme - Lynley is a master at the craft.
Hetty's Day Out by Pamela Allen
ISBN: 978 0 670 07447 1 RRP $30,00 Hardback

Once upon a time there was a cat called Hetty.
One morning Hetty woke up,
yawned, washed behind her ears,
then squeezed through her little
door flap into the bright sunlight.

Hetty in sauntering cat fashion goes off for a walk to the neighbours and is given breakfast by seven neighbours and this is where the counting comes in... The first neighbour gives Hetty one plate of baked beans, the second neighbour gives her two pork pies, the third gives her three barbecued lamb chops - you can see where this is leading ... one very fat cat.

Toddlers will love the illustrations of the very fat cat and enjoy counting the meals Hetty is given by her neighbours. Pamela Allen's pared back writing and illustrations are just perfect for the under three year old. They are designed to be read aloud and shared between adult and child. Pamela has been enchanting generations of children for over 30 years - her books have won many awards here in New Zealand and Australia.
Reviewed by Maria Gill

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