Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Heir of Night by Helen Lowe
In the far north of Haarth, the Derai people garrison the mountains known as the Wall of Night against their powerful eons old enemy, keeping darkness from the rest of their world. But the Derai's Nine Houses are divided: warrior against priest, and House against House, and they have been further weakened by the subversion and loss of their great magical powers. Powers that are now viewed with suspicion. We start the story with Malian, young Heiress of the warrior Earl of Night. She is being trained in the ways of a leader, but has known little of real danger until the enemy attacks her fortress home. Her dormant powers are called forth to protect her people when her home becomes a bloodbath - as women, children, warriors and priests alike are slain. And although Malian saves the keep, her new abilities are anathema and she must choose between exile and escape to find her way in the world beyond the Wall. There, Malian must accept that she has the power to defeat her people's ancient enemy. And that this power comes at a price.

Meet the author in Auckland at Armageddon over Labour Weekend—on Saturday 23. She will be be joining the Whitcoulls team (Stand 45) at 11.30 am to talk about the genesis of The Heir of Night and why I love—and most particularly write!—epic fantasy. So if you live in Auckland or are visting over the Labour weekend break, she would love to see you there.

ASB Showgrounds: Saturday 23 October
Whitcoulls, Stand 45
11.30 am

Here's a pic of Helen so you can recognise her.

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