Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Non-Fiction from New Holland

New Zealand's Wildlife of the Past by Dave Gunson
(New Holland) ISBN 978-1-86966-282-0 RRP $24.98

This is the fifth title in the New Holland natural history series 'All About...' Other titles include: All About... Birds, Insects, Plants and Seashore. The book follows the same format; 1-2 drawings per double page spread with text on white space. Includes contents, introduction and index pages.

In this title, students will read about the history of earth including a timeline; and information about the many species of animals and plants that have become extinct in New Zealand and possible reasons for their demise. Children 6-10 years will enjoy reading the fascinating facts - a great resource for topic study or students could pick one of the animals to research for their speech topic i.e. What if... Moa were still around...

Dave Gunson is a prolific writer and illustrator of children's books. Dave has also produced NZ Birds to Read, and Colour and Keep with New Holland.

Ice Ages: When the World Chills Out by Russell Ferrett
(Young Reed) ISBN 978-1-921073564 RRP $ 24.99

This is not a New Zealand authored book but I thought I'd briefly describe the book because it has tackled a subject that no one else has written about for children. Instead of a book on global warming this is about what happens when we go into another ice age. It poses and answers questions like: What would it be like at your home? Will it would be too cold? Where you could move to? It also provides fascinating facts about glaciers, human and animal migrations, and where ice comes from. Readers will find an extensive glossary, some activities and websites to look up further information. A useful resource for science-based topic studies - Primary level.

Reviewed by Maria Gill

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