Sunday, August 22, 2010

Three new chapter books

Organ Music by Margaret Mahy (Gecko Press)
ISBN: 9781877467479 RRP$ 19.99

'Watch the road! Watch the road!' screamed David. 'I don't have to,' Harley replied in a strangled voice. Slumping back in his seat, he took his foot off the accelerator and held his hands away from the wheel. The soft hum of the car's motor did not decrease. The car did not lose speed. If anything, it seemed to move even faster than before. 'It's driving itself,' Harley said. A thrilling tale of danger, ghosts and secret experiments hidden deep in the forest.

Margaret Mahy has written a chilling (read scary) story about taking risks and having to suffer the consequences. David and Harley are taken on a journey into hell, which they can only survive if they trust their instincts and a girl they've never met before. Margaret's masterful play on words comes to the fore in this slim chapter books for 8-12 year olds. An enjoyable read for those who liked to be spooked.

Boy Zero, Wannable Hero: The petrifying plot of the plummeting pants
ISBN: 9780571252473 RRP $15.99
Casey Applejack's career as a superhero might be over before it's even begun. His mother wants him to choose a safe job as a TV game show host and the Super School has rejected him because his super powers aren't super enough. However, when the evil villain and wannabe rock star General Pandemonium captures all of the world's superheroes, and threatens to vaporise every pair of pants on the planet, it's up to Casey to save the day. Will he be a superhero - or will he be a superzero?

Peter Millet has written a hilarious tale for Captain Underpant fans. This is the first in the series - published by Faber & Faber - where school boy with no prospect of qualifying for superhero school saves the day. I love Peter's play on words, and if you're a parent reading to a younger child - jokes aimed for parents. It is the funniest book I've read all year.

This is Peter Millet's fourth book for the retail market (plus he's also had 30 educational books published with Cengage Publishing). He knows how to engage 7-9 year old boys (and girls will like his humour too) with fun easy to read chapter books. Highly recommended for boys who've finished Captain Underpants and want something just as good (if not better).
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A crack in the sky by Kyle Mewburn (Scholastic)
ISBN: 9781869439347 RRP $ 17.99

When is a sofa not a sofa? When it is the entry to another world ...Nine-year-old Conor's day doesn't start well. His right arm seems to be missing! Then he appears to have grown horns. But it's the next event that proves fateful. His mum catches her skirt on a loose spring in the sofa. It's time to replace the sofa ...obviously. But money is tight. So when Conor sees an old sofa bobbing in the tide as he walks to school, about to strand itself on the muddy shore, it seems like fate is working in his favour. But there's something very strange about this particular sofa ...Kyle Mewburn's imagination runs riot in this humorous novel for young readers, with shades of The Borrowers.

Kyle Mewburn has won numerous awards for his picture books, including Kiss, Kiss, Yuck! Yuck!, The Hoppleplop, No Room for a Mouse, Old Hu-Hu, and Duck's Stuck and written three chapter books before ( Pop Hopper Pet set). He wrote 'A Crack in the Sky' under the New Zealand Society of Author's mentorship scheme - when he wanted to branch out into a new genre.

We find Kyle's quirky sense of humour in this book - with diverse range of characters veering into a highly original fantasy environment - behind the back of a sofa (but children won't know that until they're more than halfway through the book). An engaging read for 8-12 year boys (but again girls will enjoy it because they can handle lead male characters).
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These sound great! A Crack in the Sky is on my pile even as I type--I will bump it up to the top.