Saturday, June 26, 2010

Two Corker books from Scholastic

The Three Little Lambs by Sher Foley, illustrated by Deborah Hinde (Scholastic) Kiwi Corker Series

Once upon a time, out in the wop-wops, there were
three little lambs living happily with their mother.
But one muddy, grey day she was taken away in a big
truck. The little lambs feared the truck might come
back for them, so they decided it was time to leave.

In Three Little Pigs tradition, the three little lambs build their houses and instead of a fox comes the wicked weasel who wheezes and sneezes their houses down...

This is another delightful book in the Kiwi Corker series. Other books in the series include: Cindy and the Lost Jandal, The Little Blue Duck, The Mayor's Flash New Clothes, Trev and the Kauri Tree, The Tuatara and the Skink, The Ugly Hatchling, and Wacko Kakapo.

This is Sher Foley's second book. Her first book 'The Cat with No Name' was illustrated by her awarding winning partner Brian Lovelock. Illustrator Deborah Hinde has illustrated three other children's books: The Hopplepop, A Kiwi Night Before Christmas and The Bear in the Room Next Door.

Children will delight in the kiwi humour and will enjoy spotting all the kiwiana in the story. Recommended for 4-8 year old children.

ISBN: 9781869439392 RRP$17.99

The Mayor's Flash New Clothes by Chris Gurney, illustrated by Christine Ross (Scholastic) Kiwi Corker Series

The Mayor of Waikikamukau
was meant to be meeting his Board.
Instead, he preened and he pranced,
in the robe that he so much adored.

Too bad about councils and bylaws,
those meetings in chambers so long,
he'd rmuch rather open a building
where he'd be admired by the throng.

Like the Emporer and his robe, the mayor's vanity gets the better of him. The two clothing designers pretend to make him a costume - to make him the flashest Mayor ever. Instead they pretend to sew and stitch fabric made from nothing. To allay anyone's doubts the conniving designers tell the Mayor that it cannot be seen by the foolish. Of course, everyone thinks they must be stupid if they cannot see it - it takes a child in the crowd to say how it really is.

This is Chris Gurney's fifth book (in just 18 months) with another two coming out later in the year - all with Scholastic:
Cindy and the Lost Jandal illustrated by Ross Kinnaird [Kiwi Corkers series] (2009).
The Little Blue Duck illustrated by Stevie Mahardhika [Kiwi Corkers series] (2009).
Trev and the Kauri Tree illustrated by Dave Gunson [Kiwi Corkers series] (2009)
Hester’s Blister illustrated by Sarah Nelisiwe Anderson (2010).
The Mayor’s Flash New Clothes illustrated by Christine Ross [Kiwi Corkers series] (2010).
Little Red and the Cunning Kuri (2010).
A Kiwi Christmas Carol (2010).

Christine Ross has illustrated books for Scholastic, Reed, Methuen and Houghton Mifflin, and many school readers. Christine has been awarded the Unesco Noma Concours Award, the Russell Clark Award and the Aim Childrens Book Award for her illustration work.

ISBN: 9781869439415 RRP $17.99

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