Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Maori version of Roadworks

NZ Post Award-winning picture book ROADWORKS to be published in a Maori version - MAHIARA

The boisterous and bestselling children’s book full of noisy fun for machine-mad kids is making another outing!

Roadworks written by Sally Sutton and illustrated by Brian Lovelock is to be published in a Maori version in October 2010 by Walker Books.

It is a retelling in the Maori language by award-winning translator Katerina Mataira.

Roadworks is made with machine-mad pre-school boys in mind, though girls also love the exciting noise-words, rhythms and rhymes. Roadworks differs from other machine books in that it shows an actual project being completed from start to finish, in this case, the building of a road.

MAHIARA/Roadworks by Sally Sutton & Brian Lovelock, RRP NZ $14.99

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