Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cuzzie and Bro: The Story of Twin Piglets by Marion Day (Heather Mackay Books)

Laura, a big fat sow, roamed in a paddock of lush grass with a silvery stream running through its middle. She lived on a farm in the Waimana Valley, on the edge of the Tuhoe Nation; a valley that lay amongst mist-wreathed hills.

Laura meets Wilbur and three months later out pops twin piglets Cuzzie and Bro. Mrs Tama looks after the rare twins; bottle feeding them and giving them time out in the sun every day. Then one day tragedy strikes...

This is real life-meets-fantasy-adventure type story. The book is illustrated with delightful photographs of the real twin piglets and other creatures you'll find on a farm. The hardcover title page is very striking and you'll find recommendations from students of St Joseph School, Opotiki on page 1 and from their teacher on the back cover. Confident readers between the ages of 8-12 year old will enjoy this mythical tale.

RRP $27.99 ISBN: 9780958291453

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