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Piggity - Wiggity Jiggity Jig and the School Concert by Diana Neild, illustrated by Philip Webb (Scholastic) ISBN 978-1-86943-944-6 RRP$

Piggity Wiggity Jiggity Jig
was a fun sort of name for a bored sort of pig.
His brothers and sisters had no time at all
to read him a book, or play gams with a ball;
they were busy rehearsing and learning lines loudly
and prancing about in their dress-up clothes proudly.

Piggity Wiggity wished he was old enough to be in the school play. He watched his brothers and sisters practice, he helped back stage, and then watched the performance unfold from the audience but when Bruce coughs and splutters on stage...

It's a 'little kid saves the day' type story complete with rhyme. This is the third book in the award winning Piggity Wig series. Author Diana Neild and illustrator Philip Webb are a perfect match for this whimsical story.

Piggity-Wiggity Jiggity Jig: 2009 NZ Post Book Honour Award, Storylines Notable Book 2009, Chosen as National Library s nationwide read-aloud title for Library Week in 2008. Piggity Wiggity Jiggity Jig goes to Dad's Cafe is a Finalist in the New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards.

Diana lives in Palmerston North and plays the saxophone. Philip Webb has been illustrating
children's books for years in Wellington, including the Scholastic title Dragor, an Honour Book at the NZ Post Children s Book.

Two Little Pirates by Ruth Paul (Scholastic) ISBN 978-1-86943-935-4 RRP $ 18.99

The dawn slips in on a dragonfly's wing,
in through a porthole to wake up the King,
and in through the misty remains of the night,
come two little pirates preparing to fight.

The two little pirates charge through the boat/house with a holler and hoot. They capture the Queen and tease and torment her. The King comes to her rescue...

A delightful tale about two little boys waking up in the middle of the night causing mischief and mayhem. The family's facial expressions, rough and tumble movements and double meaning of pirate and bedtime antics are captured in brightly coloured water colour and pencil illustrations. Ruth uses alliteration, rhyme and rhythm to create a rollicking read that rolls off the tongue. A story that a lot of tired parents will identify with and perhaps a few impish children will recognise. A great read aloud for kindergarten and Junior Primary school children.

Ruth Paul is the award winning Author/Illustrator of The Animal Undie Ball, The Little White Lie, The King’s Bubbles and Superpotamus. Ruth illustrates her books in a straw bale studio in the middle of the paddock, near Wellington.

The King’s Bubbles WINNER Children’s Choice Award, NZ Post Children’s Book
Awards 2008; WINNER Best Children’s Book 2008, BPANZ Book Design Awards

Hester's Blister by Chris Gurney, illustrated by Sarah Nelisiwe Anderson (Scholastic)
ISBN 978-1-86943-930-9 RRP$18.99

“OUCH!” said Hester Lister,
for she had a nasty blister,
right on the tippy of her tongue …

Hester asks around the neighbourhood for a solution to her pesky blister problem. As each remedy fails she ticks it off her list but in the end is surprised by the unexpected twist...

Parents, kindergarten and Junior Primary teachers will enjoy reading aloud this humorous tale. Chris Gurney has a real gift for rhyme and rhythm. Hester's Blister is Chris Gurney's fourth book for Scholastic. Chris already has three Kiwi Corker titles published with two more scheduled for publication in 2010.

Sarah has designed and illustrated the book using digital painting and digital collage. The text bounces around the page; sometimes black text on white space, other times it's part of the illustration or captured in speech bubbles. Readers will return to the book many times to study the different types of graphics: maps, signs, notes on the page. This is the third book Sarah has illustrated. She first won the Children's Choice Award for 'The Were Nana' and was shortlisted for BPANZ Design Award 2009. The second: 'Tiny Miss Dott and her Dotty Umbrella(2009)was a 2010 Notable Book.

Reviewed by Maria Gill

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