Sunday, April 4, 2010

Picture Books from Scholastic

Kiwi Mums by Yvonne Morrison, illustrations by Ross Kinnaird
(Scholastic) ISBN: 978-1 86943 919 4 RRP$

A kiwi Mum's as good as gold.
Yep, she's a ripper, ay?

Her schedule's always chockablock
with stuff to do each day.

A Kiwi Mum plays netball,
she thinks the game is beaut...

We find out about all the different types of Mums in New Zealand: mothers who keep secrets, chauffeur the kids arounds, cooks up a storm, is fighting fit, supports her kids at their games... you get the picture - super mums who are always there for their kids. A tongue-in-cheek rhyming story for children to buy their mother for Mother's Day.

This is the second in the series; last year we saw Kiwi Dads just in time for Father's Day. Ross Kinnaird's cartoons are superimposed on blurred photographs. On the last page there's room for children to stick their own mother's picture.

Yvonne is one of our most treasured authors and has an impressive list of strong sellers to her name, from Down in the Forest through to the famous A Kiwi Night Before Christmas. Ross Kinnaird has illustrated several titles for Scholastic NZ, including the Joy Cowley award-winner The Biggest Number in the Universe and the recently published Kiwi Corker Cindy and the Lost Jandal, Ross has a fresh, loose style that is humorous, colourful and full of action.

Witchy Goes Shopping by Dianne Boles, illustrated by Aki Fukuoka
(Scholastic) RRP $18.99 ISBN: 978-1-86943-925-5

It was a particularly beautiful morning
and Witchy was awake earlier than usual.
She had remembered something very important.
It was her birthday!

Witchy inspects herself in the mirror and sees she is looking remarkably good for a 577 year old (or was it 775) year old witch. To celebrate she decides to make her particularly special birthday spell but wait... she's run out of ingredients. She writes her shopping list and in her haste forgets her glasses. When she walks around the supermarket she picks up all sorts of normal looking ingredients thinking they're just what she needs for her spell: a watermelon instead of a big fat toad, blueberries instead of spider eggs... you get the picture. How in earth, can she make her special spell when she gets home and finds she's got it all wrong...

I really enjoyed this quirky tale and so will kindergarten and Junior students at Primary. I can just hear the students shouting out the special magic word that Witchy has forgotten but remembers on the last page. They'll also laugh out loud at all Witchy's mistakes. Lots of fun!

A former international catwalk model and deportment teacher, Di Boles lived in LA, London and Amsterdam before settling back in NZ to raise her children. This is her first children’s book.
Aki Fukuoka was born in Japan. At the age of eight, she immigrated with her family of seven to New Zealand, settling in Whangarei. A graduate of Elam School of Fine Arts, Aki now lives in Auckland and works as a freelance illustrator/graphic designer.
Maori version available too.

The Mouse that Squeaked by Murray Ball
(Scholastic) ISBN 978-1-86943-961-3 RRP$21.99

Barry Mouse was a potter.
He had a wheel upon which he used to 'throw' his pots...
where they broke.
It was very disappointing.
It was very expensive, buying new pots.
What was the point of being a potter if his pots all broke on the wheel?
Barry had another problem...

Barry lives in fear of Razour the Rat but he also wanted to do something to impress pretty Titanya. In a brave/rash moment he says he'll bash up Razour for her. Only problem is - Barry is rather a frightened little mouse. Does he get the girl/mouse? Does he impress or get flattened? Read this comic/picture book to find out if Barry and Titanya live happy ever after.

A fun read for children and adults who are followers of the legendary cartoonist Murray Ball (of Footrat Flats fame). Murray Ball now writes and illustrates books for his grandchildren to enjoy.
His first title with this in mind, Fred the (Quite) Brave Mouse, was shortlisted for the NZ Post Children’s Book Awards, and Willie Wants to Wee-Wee has reprinted five times!

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