Sunday, March 21, 2010

Two Maori Myth Books

Maori Tales of Long Ago by A.W. Reed, illustrated by A.S. Patterson
Maori tales of Long Ago is a newly published version of 16 adapted stories from Maori mythology. These stories first appeared in the 1940s and the original black and white sketches and coloured illustrations have been included in this reprint. A.W. Reed was responsible for collecting these myths and legends together, many years ago, because he wanted Maori stories to be widely known. The stories are told through Popo, the village storyteller, to the chief's children, Rata and Hine. Included in this book are adventures of Maui, the trickster, who fished up the land from the sea and had other adventures. Traditional tales of Tutanekai, Tawhaki and Hatupatu are included, as well as stories of daily life as it would have been centuries ago. A very suitable book for reading to and sharing with children of school age onwards.
ISBN:9781869662608 RRP $29.95 (New Holland Publishers)
Counting the Stars: Four Maori Myths by Gavin Bishop
This picture contains four traditional myths, which include a tale of creation, a love story, a traditional ceremony and a fight between coastal and forest birds. From cover to cover, this book is richly illustrated in Bishop's bold, broad intepretation of the text. Traditional Maori patterns are incorporated uniquely in some illustrations, while others embellish the text with the minimum of line and colour. The font used is bold and easy to read, on the fully coloured pages. The text is well presented and economical. A delightful book to share with children or for able readers to enjoy individually. Every library should have a copy of this book by one of New Zealand's outstanding illustrator/authors.
ISBN:9781869790721 RRP $34.95 (Random House)
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