Saturday, March 27, 2010

2010 Tom Fitzgibbon Book launched

Hollie Chips byAnna Gowan (Scholastic) 219 pp
ISBN 978-1-86943-931-6 RRP $17.99

It took Mrs Chips several weeks to realise Hollie was not an ordinary baby. She never cried and was not afflicted by any of the usual ailments that plague newborns. To top it all off, Hollie had different coloured eyes. One was light blue, the other chocolate brown - he very same colour as her teddy-bear Taiwan.

However, soon Hollie's other eccentricities made her mother forget about her eyes altogether. A month after her birth Hollie refused to drink milk and pointed to the vegetables on the bench. When a tooth burst through her reddened gums, Hollie pushed the vegetables away and pointed at the sausages in the barbecue...

Not long after Hollie Chips moves into Puriti Road she discovers that Barry Buckscud (an unscrupulous developer) has a terrible plan to buy out three of her neighbours so that he can build a dog food factory. Knowing that grown-ups will not believe a young girl she sets out to convince Philippa (the lonely lady at number six), John Johns (Mr Oblivious at number eight) and Ethel (the old lady at number four) that they must stay. Hollie has to stay a step ahead of Barry Buckscud and at one stage it looks like her plan has all unravelled...

It's a 'young person against devious grown-up, with truth winning out in the end' type story. Anna Gowan has written a first rate chapter book with lots of giggles in store for the 8-12 year old reader.

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