Sunday, February 14, 2010

A new non-fiction for 2010

Lost in the Bush: Keeping yourself safe in New Zealand's great outdoors by Lindy Kelly, illustrated by Pauline Whimp, RRP $24.99 (Harper Collins)

Lindy Kelly, with the help of New Zealand Land Search and Rescue, teaches bush safety through three different genres: a story about a boy called Sam and what happens to him when he gets lost in the bush; some important facts to help you when you go tramping including guidelines to help you stay alive and how to help rescuers find you; and group activities you can do with your teacher or with trained people such as Search & Rescue officers.

This book imparts important information - that could save lives - in a fun and informative way. The colourful illustrations enhance the story and are repeated in the factual segment of the book, which will help aid recall of these tips. If teachers use this book in the classroom they could use all the learning styles: by reading the story out loud for audio learners; visual learners could read the text and pictures and kinesthetic learners could be engaged with the activities - which would encourage greater retention of these survival tips for more students. A great resource for the classroom. Recommended for 6-8 year olds (being read to) and 8 - 10 year olds (reading themselves).

Lindy Kelly is a journalist and author of 20 children's books. Pauline Whimp is an Auckland-based artist and designer.

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