Sunday, February 7, 2010

The first books from Gecko Press for 2010

All About Food by Michele Mira Pons, illustrated by Marion Puech and
The Adventure of Life by Jean-Benoit Durand, illustrated by Robin Gindre

These two books are handsomely packaged with humorous comic-strip style colour illustrations. The two books are part of a 'Step by Step' series following on from Ecology and the Environment and Rubbish and Recycling published in 2009.

All About Food takes you on food's journey through your body; its role, its history and why healthy eating is important.

The Adventure of Life covers all aspects of life on Earth - from when the universe was born, the beginning of life; cells to dinosaurs to human's time on earth.

At the end of both books are quizzes, a mini dictionary and useful websites. The food book also has some recipes 'to tempt your tastebuds'.

From a teacher's point of view; these books are going to be invaluable in the classroom. Parents will find it useful to help explain those difficult questions coming from their children's enquiring minds. Most importantly, children will enjoy them; for their knowledge, humour and to satisfy their curiosity. Highly recommended.

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