Monday, December 14, 2009

Non-fiction books from New Holland

I am a Dolphin by Barbara Todd, illustrated by Helen Taylor (New Holland Publishing)
ISBN: 9781869 662646 RRP $14.99

I am a dolphin
That lives in the sea
My home has no fences
I'm wild and I'm free

Barbara Todd brings to life non-fiction facts in the form of lyrical poetry. The young reader (4-6 years) will find out how dolphins breathe, swim, find food and care for each other. On the last page you'll find more facts about dolphins.

This is the second book in the 'I am a ...' series. It aims to introduce wildlife facts in a simple but catchy way. The pictures are a mix of photography and cartoon characters.

Barbara Todd has studied dolphins, whales and seabirds for the past twenty years. She has written ten other children's natural history books.

Helen Taylor has illustrated many New Zealand children's books; most notably 'A Booming in the Night' co-produced with her writer husband Ben Brown, which won the NZ Post New Zealand Best Picture Book Award in 2006.

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