Saturday, November 14, 2009

Slide The Corner by Fleur Beale: Scholastic NZ Limited (2009)

Fifteen year old Greg is sick of being told he’s ‘as thick as crude oil’ by his academic dad. Greg loves cars, not academic stuff. Cars; he’s crazy about them, but can he get his parents to understand? They want him to go to university; Greg wants to be a rally driver. It looks as if everything and everyone is against him, until he helps a pregnant woman change a wheel on her car. Greg gets to meet her husband (who is a mechanic), is offered an after school job, and his life begins to change in interesting and exciting ways.

Fleur Beale has written a great, fast-paced story, which deals equally well with the emotional turmoil of family conflict, as it does with the rudiments, and thrills, of rally driving.
I can’t imagine a young teen (or older reader) not enjoying this engaging book.

Slide the Corner was Fleur's first novel, and it has gone on to win the Gaelyn Gordon Award for a Much-loved Book - an award that recognises the ongoing success of this novel.
Reviewed by Vivienne Lingard

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