Sunday, October 11, 2009

Three more Picture Books in time for Christmas

Your Mother Didn't Do That! by Sharon Holt & Brian Lovelock
ISBN: 978-1-921150-17-3 RRP $29.99 Hardback (Walker Books)

Holly didn't want Mum to go out.
"Dad will tell you a story," said Mum.
"Yes," said Dad. "I'll tell you about the night you were born."
"Okay," said Holly.
"Did I hatch out of an egg like a chicken?"

Her father says no, if she was a chick her mother would have sat on her. Holly keeps asking if she behaved like different baby animals (a baby kangaroo, owl, shark etc.) and her father tells her 'Your Mother didn't do that!' At the satisfying end he tells her what her mother did do when she was born. A delightful book for 3-6 year olds learning about the relationship between mother and baby. A book that parents and teachers will enjoy reading aloud to pre-school children, who will love the repetition and humour.

Sharon Holt has worked as a teacher, a journalist, and now works as a full time children’s author. She has had over 20 fiction and non-fiction books for children published.In 2004, two of her children’s books were long-listed for the Esther Glen Award. Her collaboration with illustrator Ross Kinnaird, It’s True! You Can Make Your Own Jokes, was a finalist in the non-fiction category of the 2007 New Zealand Post Book Awards and is also on the Storylines 2007 Notable Books list.

In 'No Your Mother Didn't Do That' Brian has used a dry brush and splatter effect as part of his water colour technique; which results in artwork that looks visually interesting. Brian Lovelock illustrated 'Roadworks', which won the New Zealand Post Book Picture Book award; now sold in America, Australia and further afield. Brian works as a scientist during the day and paints at night. He recently illustrated his partner's book: 'The Cat with No Name' by Sher Foley.

The Wotwots by Martin Baynton
ISBN:9780733325472 RRP $16.99 Hardback (Harper Collins Publishers)

Here are the Wotwots landing in their steam-powered spaceship. Isn't it beautiful! The Wotwots call this spaceship theFree Ranger, because it looks like a flying egg. But it has long lanky legs for landing and a big propeller on top.

The WotWots are DottyWot and SpottyWot. DottyWot is a girl. She's the pretty pink one and she is the ship's captain. SpottyWot in the blue fur is her twin brother. He is the ship's mechanic.

The spaceship lands in a zoo and the WotWots go off to investigate. In this part picture book, part non-fiction book we find out about spaceships and animals. We also get to know more out the WotWots. You'll find songs and activities like the 'Sneak-a-Peek: What do you see?'. Lots to keep pre-schoolers amused. For 3-6 year old children who love the WotWot Television programme: a New Zealand version of the Telly Tubbies. There's another 15 books in this series to come out over the next couple of months: board books, sticker books, colouring-in books and novelty books.

The Terrible Taniwha of Timberditch by Joy Cowley, illustrated by Rodney McRaeISBN: 978-0-14-350388-0 RRP$18.95

"Listen," said Dad. "Listen to me. If you go down to Timberditch, the taniwha will get you."
"What does a taniwha look like?" asked Josephine.
"Terrible," said Dad. "Absolutely terrible."
Josephine went to Mum.
"Have you seen a taniwha?" she asked.
Mum laughed.
"There's no such thing," said said. "Taniwha aren't real."

Josephine goes in search of the taniwha. She asks local people what they think a taniwha looks like. Each person recounts stories about monsters that come from their countries - each one looking wildly different. Josephine builds a trap for her taniwha - find out what she catches.
A reprint of Joy Cowley's classical story about monsters being as big as your imagination.
Reviewed by Maria Gill

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