Saturday, October 31, 2009

Banquo's Son

Banquo’s Son by T. K. Roxborogh, Penguin NZ

Tania Roxborogh has excelled herself with this ambitious and absorbing tale. She extracted a brief reference from Shakespeare’s Macbeth – a reference to the murdered Banquo’s son, eleven-year-old Fleance – and has woven a fascinating story of love and honour set in 11th century Scotland. We meet Fleance as a young man, having been adopted by a traveller couple in northern England. Fleance is in love with Rosie – but something stops him from settling down with her. He is haunted by his father’s ghost, and understands he must go back to Scotland and play a part in his country’s troubled history. It’s not long before Fleance becomes a friend of Duncan, the young heir to the Scottish throne – and given his own noble heritage, Fleance finds himself also in line for the throne. The story ends with Fleance attaining the kingship – but at a terrible cost.
This crossover novel should be enjoyed by older teenagers and adults who like a gripping historical novel.
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ISBN 978 0 14 320249 3 RRP $37.00
Reviewed by Lorraine Orman

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