Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fifi's latest book

Glory by Fifi Colston (Scholastic)
Florence Bright fumes when she is passed over for the computer award - the only award she ever had a chance with. Instead it is given to Miss Perfect, along with all the other ones she wins at the assembly. In fact Florence thinks she might just get even - she devises a plan to help her best friend to take the starring role in the ballet from Miss Perfect but it all goes horribly wrong...

Fifi's sense of humour is liberally sprinkled throughout the book; making this a voice that fills a gap in the New Zealand market. Eight to Twelve year old girls will chuckle, while some will perhaps identify with the injustice of being passed over for an award. A laugh-out-loud enjoyable read for Years 5 - 8.

Fifi Colston is one talented gal. She paints, illustrates books (26), has constructed a few craft books and written three chapter books for children. When she isn't working in her studio she does stand-up comedy (so now you know why she does humour so well), makes craft on television and enters wearable art competitions.

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