Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brian Falkner's latest thriller

BrainJack by Brian Falkner (Walker Books Australia)
ISBN: 978 1 921150 95 1 RRP $19.99

Okay, I had to wrestle this book off my ten year old daughter, hide it from my 13 year old son and not even tell my husband it had arrived - to be the first to read this book. Brian Falkner has a following and his stories get more exciting with each one - and I'm pleased to say this book lives up to the exciting trailer. In fact, I was quite spooked after finishing this book - I can never look at my computer in the same way.

Right now, as you read this prologue, I am sifting through the contents of your computer. Yes, your computer. You. The one holding the book.

I am reading your emails, looking at your digital photos and images you have downloaded off the Net, opening your most private documents and having a good read, or a good laugh, depending on the content...

So now, while you're reading this, I'm looking through your computer and having a great old time. You could race over and turn your computer off, but you'd already be too late.

That scary prologue sets the scene. Sam Wilson, a brilliant teenage computer hacker, can crack the computer systems of any computer - even the White House. His daring - genius skills - lead him into a dangerous world. A world of espionage and intrigue; of cybercrime and imminent war.

Brian Falkner's style reminds me of Anthony Horowitz - his sentences paint pictures and you can imagine them as scenes in a film. Brian's latest 'Brain Jack' is fast paced, exciting and hard to put down once you start reading. I'm not giving anything away when I say that I like that Brian takes risks with his endings - they are not predictable. This is Brian Falkner's fifth chapter book for children. The Tomorrow Code was a finalist in the 2009 New Zealand Post Book Awards and the LIANZA Children's book awards: Esther Glen award.
Reviewed by Maria Gill

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Really good read!!