Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lorraine Orman

I've just realised that I've missed off Lorraine Orman's latest book - so here it is:

Haunted, Lightning Strikes Series by Lorraine Orman (Walker Books)
ISBN 978-1-92115082-1 RRP $15

“Horrible boys!” a voice says suddenly. I swing round, my heart jumping into my throat. A girl stands in the doorway. A strange, old-fashioned girl, wearing a white dress down to her ankles and white shoes. Her fair hair is braided and tied with white ribbons. I pick up a hint of that sweet lily smell, as if she’s wearing it like perfume.
“I made them go away,” she says with a slight English accent. “They were rude and noisy.”

Twelve-year-old Georgia and her little brother Ned are staying on their uncle's farm. In order to escape the bullying of her nasty cousin, Jeff, Georgia takes refuge in a tumbledown old homestead. She meets a strange, old-fashioned girl dressed in white whose name is Lily. Lily likes playing spooky games, and she particularly likes frightening Jeff and Ned. That's not surprising because Lily is really a ghost, a very lonely ghost who wants a friend to play with - forever.

It isn't long before Lily's games involving fire and death become very dangerous and Georgia finds herself fighting for her life.
Lorraine Orman has written an enjoyable story of intrigue; scattering clues and building up the tension until the end. This is an excellent series for 8-10 year old readers; some are funny others are spooky - just what this age group likes to read.

Have a look on Lorraine's website to read her comments about writing the book. This is Lorraine Orman's nineth book: her style is easy to read, she writes believable characters and there's plenty going on in her plots. Read more of her books.

Teaching notes here.
Reviewed by Maria Gill

Haunted is a ghost story aimed at reluctant readers, with its short format and high interest making it ideal for these readers, as well as for readers of all abilities. Part of Walker’s Lightning Strikes series, the book is attractively packaged with a red cover and silver highlights.

This gripping offering makes an excellent addition to an outstanding series.
Reviewed in Aussie Reviews

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