Sunday, July 5, 2009

Two new non-fiction books from Gecko Publishing

Ecology and the Environment by Francois Michel, illustrated by Marc Boutavant

ISBN 978 1 877467 29 5 RRP $19.95 Recommended reading age 6-12 years

What is ecology - and how can you help the planet?

Do you know now many litres of water are wasted if a tap drips for one day? Which gases make up the earth's atmosphere? Is nuclear power good or bad?

Ecology looks at the relationship between living things and the environment. This book shows why we should take care of our environment - and how understanding ecology can help us save the earth.

Translated by Jean Anderson, edited by Raymond Huber (of Sting fame) and written by Francois Michel a geologist, author and mountain guide. The 80 page book is a science lesson in ecology with colourful illustratons throughout. It contains information about concepts such as radioactivity, genetic engineering, the greenhouse effect, pollution and ends with what we can do to help the environment. At the back is also a quiz and word puzzle, plus an eco dictionary and glossary.

Rubbish and Recycling by Gerard Bertolini & Claire Delanlande, illustrated by Nicolas Hubesch, ISBN 978 1 877467 30 1 RRP $19.99 Recommended age 7-12 years

Another book in the series with Jen Craddock translating (journalist), Raymond Huber editing and French authors Gerard Bertolini (specialist in garbology) and Claire Delalande. Set out like the above book with colourful illustrations, and step-by-step instructions to tell you everything about rubbish you didn't know you wanted to know!

Great books for school projects and for children who care about the planet.

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