Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ozzie Kingsford series

An Electrifying New Year in the Life of Ozzie Kingsford by Val Bird, illus. Rebecca Cundy, Random House, New Zealand

This is the third book in the Ozzie Kingsford series – the second one is currently shortlisted for the Junior Section of the NZ Post Book Awards. This story describes the series of disastrous events that happen when Ozzie and his brainbox friend Fletch decide to build an electricity storage machine. This involves Dad’s workshop, a vacuum cleaner, an old tea chest, and a fishing rod. Luckily Dad has gone off to a golf tournament. But then he comes back – injured – and strange things start happening... The books have plenty of visual appeal, with a very lively layout involving cartoon pictures on every page and lots of variation in font and bolding. The intended age range is 7 to 10 – but I would recommend the series to confident readers, rather than those who are still at the beginner’s stage, because of the occasionally demanding vocabulary.
ISBN 978-1-86979-156-8 RRP $19.99
Whakatane writer Val Bird is the author of the adult novel Wednesday's Child. This is her fourth novel in the Ozzie series. Illustrator Rebecca Cundy is Val's daughter and she's a graphic designer who lives in Hamilton with her partner and two daughters.
Reviewed by Lorraine Orman

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