Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sting by Raymond Huber

Sting by Raymond Huber, (Walker Books)
ISBN: 978 1 921150 89 0 RRP $

"Oddbee," said a Sister as she pushed past me.
I ignored her and kept moving towards the sunlight.
"You're in the way, misfit," said another Sister.
"It's my first flight," I said, but she'd gone. I wasn't going to let their teasing stop me.
I reached the entrance of the hive - thick with bees taking off and landing. When there was a gap in the traffic, I rushed out. The sky was so wide and so blue. I'd stood here before imagining myself flying high and away. Now it was for real. I hovered over the edge."
Sting is written in the perspective of Zinger, a drone honey bee. He knows he's the odd one out in his hive but not why. Zinger goes in search of why he is different from the other bees and encounters several adventures on the way.

Raymond Huber has written an engaging story about a bee on a quest. His passion for bees shows through with the little pockets of information inserted cleverly into the story. At the end of the book, he describes the different types of bees, interesting facts about the bees' senses and why we should help save the bees - they're vanishing all around the world - and how you can help. If you liked 'Sil' and any of Morris Gleitzman's books - you'll enjoy this stinging tale. Highly recommended for boys and girls 9-12 years.

Teaching resource for classroom here. Kids read an interview with Raymond Huber about writing Sting here.
Reviewed by Maria Gill

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Raymond Huber said...

Hi Maria
Thank you for the review – my first ever!
The bee's name is Ziggy (but I think I like Zinger better!).