Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fifi la Belle

Fifi La Belle Ship's Cat by Lucy Davey, illustrated by Christine Ross (Scholastic) ISBN 978 1 86943 892 0 RRP $17.99

In Paris Cafe in the heart of Parnell,
a hullabaloo woke Fifi la Belle.
Madame la Mousse was bubbling about,
loading her Citroen both inside and out.
Piling in packages, boxes and bags,
suitcases fastened with fanciful tags,
hold-alls and haversacks, hampers as well...

Fifi la Belle is taken on a journey in sumptuous style through the country, fields, forests, deserts and snow until they arrive at the edge of the sea. Then much to her disdain she is put into a box. Of course Fifi makes short work of that and takes off to discover the ferry boat...
Young children are going to love this delightful tale about Fifi le Belle - cat extraordinaire - the third book in the series. The rhythm and rhyme bounce off the pages and the gorgeous illustrations compliment the book perfectly. Read aloud to 4-7 year old children.
Reviewed by Maria Gill

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