Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chronicles of Stone sequel

Intermediate/Young Adult

Chronicles of Stone: Tribal Ash by Vincent Ford, Scholastic
This is the third title in the series; the first two were Scorched Bone and Set in Stone. Set in prehistoric times, 10,000 years ago, the series follows the adventures of adolescent twins, Trei and Souk, who leave their tribe and set off to follow their destiny. Souk (a girl) has leanings towards being a shaman, while Trei (a boy) is determined to unravel the secret of creating more powerful weapons.
The third volume starts with Trei escaping from the violent Northmen’s tribe and heading back towards his own people. But Souk stays with the Northmen – she is expecting a baby, and she’s also hoping to avert war between the Northmen and neighbouring tribes. Both twins have much hardship and danger to overcome before they are happily reunited in their home territory. Like all adolescents, they learn that there are difficult sacrifices to be made if you want to follow your dream.
Vince Ford’s careful research into prehistoric times has enabled him to create an enjoyable and convincing tale that offers suspense, adventure and historical detail. Scorched Bone is currently shortlisted for the senior section of the New Zealand Post Book Awards.
2MUCH4U Winner Tom Fitzgibbon Award 1998; Winner NZ Post
Children s Book Awards: Junior Fiction category, and Best First Book;
CLFNZ Notable Book 2000
POSSUMS2U CLFNZ Notable Book 2003
A Handful of Blue CLFNZ Notable Book 2004
Storylines Notable Book 2007
ISBN 978 1 86943 832 6 RRP $19
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Reviewed by Lorraine Orman

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