Monday, March 2, 2009

About Griffen's Heart

About Griffen’s Heart by Tina Shaw: Longacre Press 2009
ISBN: 9781877460135 RRP $ 19.99 Target Age: Young Adults

This is a clever, snappy, character-driven story, with a great mixture of nerds and nasties. Griffen, is definitely a goodie, a softie even, though having a dickie heart and a Vespa, does help his image somewhat. He suffers a lot of angst. Not just from the pending heart surgery but from two other teens on the scene; Roxy – the hottest girl in school, and Ryan, his bad-boy, younger brother.

Griffen does a great deal of watching from the sidelines, and even the shadows, as he tries to build up enough courage to ask the enigmatic, long-legged Roxy out. During these evening prowls however, Griffen learns more than he ever bargained on. The tension in the story builds, as well as in Griffen’s heart as he (helped by best mate Ajax) deals with the devastating consequences of his observations.

Does boy get girl ...? You’ll just have to read this gem of a book to find out.

Suitable for teens. Teaching Resource available.
Reviewed by Vivienne Lingard.

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