Friday, February 27, 2009

Wheelbarrow Wilbur

Wheelbarrow Wilbur by Marine Groome, Illustrated by Bevan Fidler, Published by Penguin
ISBN 978 0 14 350350 7 RRP $18.95

Wilbur the terrier was cuddly not fat,
a dog twice as big as your average cat.
Will owned the Abbots,
as the Abbots owned him -
Mum, Dad and Lucy, and the best of all Tim.

Wilbur has a wonderful time down at the beach; chasing waves, pinching shoes, and gobbling up ice creams. But as his taste for icecreams increases so does his waist. After awhile he gets so fat he has an accident. The vet fixes his leg but he's got timely advice for the family...
A delightful cheeky tale about a mischevious dog and what happens if you keep giving in to their wiles. Kindergarten and Junior Primary children will enjoy the rhyming tale and it might just get children thinking whether it is a good idea to slip the odd sausage to their pet. (Says she, with a fat labrador called Amy.)
Narine got her inspiration for the book after watching a television programme about fat cats. Bevan a freelance illustrator works mostly in pastels and watercolour. As well as book illustrating he draws cartoons for magazines, and paints/draws stunning wildlife pictures.
Reviewed by Maria Gill

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