Friday, February 13, 2009

Noa's Calf

Noa's Calf by Rhondda Greig (Mallinson Rendel) RRP $27.50
ISBN: 978 1877423 192
Without using words and only using monochrome, Rhondda Greig has portrayed delightful picturesque scenes of a young boy watching a cow give birth to a calf on a farm. Her skillful use of charcoal captures the inquisitive expressions of the cows beautifully. An excellent book to help children understand about life on a farm.
Rhonna says the book was inspired when a child from the city visited at her home in the Wairarapa: ‘As we were driving down the road behind a herd of cows going to milking, one of the city children asked me what the swinging udder was. When told it contained the milk we could drink, the child burst out with the comment that milk only came from milk bottles. I realised even then that New Zealand was changing into an urban society where many children had no comprehension of the rhythm of country life.’
Rhondda Greig is one of New Zealand’s most prolific and well-known artists. A vibrant colourist, she has exhibited for many years in NZ as well as in Japan and in the United Kingdom. She is the author/illustrator of the children’s classic and prize-winning Matarawa Cats, its companion volume Matarawa House and a book of poetry, Eavesdropping with Angels. Noa's Calf, her first major work in monochrome, is set in the Wairarapa where she lives. Reviewed by Maria Gill

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