Saturday, February 21, 2009

Macaroni Moon & Other Poems

Macaroni Moon & Other Poems by Paula Green, Illustrated by Sarah Laing RRP $24.99 ISBN: 9781869791513
If cheese was made of MOON
and the MOON were made of cheese,
I'd eat toasted MOON sandwiches
grated MOON on tacos, MOONy pizza
MOON on crackers, cauliflower MOON sauce.
From the chapter and poem titles, to the poems themselves - Paula Green delivers zany poems for 5-12 year old readers. There are poems about food, weather, cats, dogs and even middle of the poem book poems. 'Some rhyme, some have rhythm, some play with words and others are just playful.' Children will enjoy reading aloud the nonsensical verse and looking at the wacky illustrations - they go hand-in-hand just right.
Paula Green published The Terrible Night, her first story for children, in 2008 and she has also written Flamingo Bendalingo, a collection that includes animal poems by children. Paula has a PhD in Italian and a Teachers College Diploma; she used to teach in primary schools. She teaches creative writing in schools whenever the opportunity arises. She was the 2005 Literary Fellow at the University of Auckland, the judge for the 2008 NZ Post Secondary School Poetry Competition and edited Best New Zealand Poems 2007.
Sarah Laing has worked as a graphic designer in Wellington and New York City. She won the Sunday Star Times Short Story Competition in 2006 and published her first book of short stories Coming Up Roses in 2007.
Reviewed by Maria Gill


NZBookgirl said...

Paula is also currently poet in residence at the Norfolk Island poetry festival, which includes her doing workshops and readings in schools, bookshops and the old folks home, and appearing at the wonderful Poetry in the Park event where Paula will read, and people who have composed poetry at her workshops will also read their work, while everyone enjoys a 'basket tea' in the park.

Maria Gill said...

Hi NZBookgirl

Thanks for telling us that - have you got dates so I can put it up on the blogsite?