Monday, February 2, 2009

Le Cafe Petit on O'Sullivan Street

Le Café Petit on O’Sullivan St. by Raymond McGrath, Published by Penguin Group (NZ) 2009 ISBN: 9780143503491 RRP $18.95
At our favourite table
Our café on the street
Just me and my dad
In our usual seat
McGrath words are as quirky as his pictures; lively, colourful and full of pizzazz. The story has a good arc, beginning slowly with a young girl and her dad visiting their favourite cafe, and the pace building, as customers of every culture, shape and size make their appearance felt. We meet the likes of Pop Pawai, Mo Lalia, Miss Picklewick, Mrs Lemonsips and Mr Tangle, who engage in rowdy ‘gossip-chit-chattering, Jabber-chin-waggerin and jib-Jibble-gabbling. Add to the mix, Briggs’ trumpeting brass band, a choir singing ‘do wop’ and Mr Tangles’ ten howling dogs, the story (and pictures) reach alarming proportions. And just when you think the Le Café Petit couldn’t squeeze in another person...
A fun read, for a wide age range (this includes adults as well as children)
Reviewed by Vivienne Lingard

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