Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sucked In by John Parker

Sucked In John Parker (Walker Books) ISBN 978-1-921150-62-3
When Dan’s friend Zainey sells new his mountain bike for a fraction of the original price, the gang thinks he’s crazy. But when they find out that he has ordered an EYE through a mail order company, they decide he is off his rocker.
Dan is sure the EYE will never arrive. He thinks Zainey has lost his money. But the EYE does arrive. And the then the real fun begins.
This is a delightful story that boys in particular, will love. Girls will too. Aimed at around 8 – 12 years. A little twist at the end that will keep adults laughing.
Reviewed by Jenni Francis
John Parker is a full-time writer who lives on the North Shore, Auckland. He has worked in a variety of positions, such as school-teacher, lecturer, music-teacher, postie; sorting out complaints from the public in a clothing factory; serving in a big general store; and painting houses. He has also travelled the world as a professional opera singer! John has had more than 70 books published.
Review"...attractively packaged and the shorter length and the accessible text size and presentation will make it appealing to readers of all ages." www.aussiereview.com “

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