Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Zealand Children's Non Fiction Books

Check out the most recently published New Zealand non-fiction books for children. If they are not in your local bookshop or library - request they get them in. Teachers - they are a must-have for your libraries and resource rooms. Publishers often have educational resources to complement the books - look on their site for details.

2008 Non-Fiction children's books published in New Zealand:

All about New Zealand Birds by Dave Gunson (New Holland) RRP $24.99
Discover interesting facts about New Zealand Birds. Targeting ages 8-14 years

Atoms, Dinosaurs & DNA by Veronika Meduna & Rebecca Priestley (Random House) RRP $34.99
Find out what exciting new discoveries New Zealand scientists have made. Targeting 10 years+
Teaching resource available

Dogs on the Job by Maria Gill (Penguin) RRP $19.95
Learn about all the different types of working dogs and how they are trained. Targeting 8-12 years
Teaching resource available

Growing Gardeners by Dee Pigneguy (Papawai) RRP $22.00
As well as learning how to set up an organic garden at home or school find out about the science of gardens. Targeting 8-12 years

High Tech Legs on Everest by Mark Inglis & Sarah Ell (Random House) RRP$26.99
A true story about how Mark Inglis climbed Mt Everest with a prosthetic leg. Targeting 7-10 years
Teaching resource available:

How to eat a Huhu Grub by Nick & Conrad Turzynski (Random House)
RRP $34.99
Full of mad-cap tips on what to do outside including making sheeps poo into paper! Target age 10 years+

How to Make a Piupiu by Leilani Richard (Raupo) RRP $30.00
Gives step-by-step instructions on how to make a Maori grass skirt. Target age 9-12 years

Illustrated History of New Zealanders at War by Marie Stenson (Random House) RRP $34.99
An excellent resource for students and teachers on the different wars New Zealanders have participated in here in New Zealand and overseas. Target age 9-13 years
Teaching resource available:

Juicy Writing by Brigid Lowry (Allen & Unwin) RRP $23.99
A treasure-trove of inspirational and practical advice on creative writing. Target age - Young Adults

Learn to Skateboard with Luka by Lee & Errol Peta (Reed) RRP $16.99
Instructional text in English and Maori on how to skateboard. Target age 6-9 years.

Let's get Art by Brad Irwin & John Ward Knox (Random House) RRP $34.99
Contemporary art combined with art information set in picture book style. Target age 6-12 years
Teaching resource available:

Piano Rock by Gavin Bishop (Random House) RRP $34.99
A memoir of Gavin Bishop's idyllic years growing up in the country. Target age $8-12 years

Pepetuna by Denise Whitmore (Penguin) RRP $29.99
A beautifully illustrated picture book about the life cycle of a puriri moth. Target age 3-6years

Really Big Stuff by Alan Trussell-Cullen (Puffin) RRP $19.99
Are New Zealanders really bigger than Australians? Find out the answer to this and all kinds of zany questions about big stuff. Target age 6-12 years

Really Fast Stuff by Alan Trussell-Cullen (Puffin) RRP $19.99
Where can you catch the world's fastest train? Find out the answer to this and all kinds of terrific information about really fast stuff. Target age 6-12 years

Te Rauparaha by Maureen Cavanagh (Puffin) RRP $17.99
Read the exciting legend about Chief Te Rauparaha how he led his people away from warring neighbours over mountains and valleys towards safety. Target age 4-7 years

The Guide: How to kiss, get a job & other stuff you need to know by Mike Loder & Terry Williams (Hodder Moa) RRP $19.99
Provides teenagers with the confidence to take a big stride into adulthood and towards achieving their dreams. Target age - young adults

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