Sunday, January 11, 2009

Holiday Reading

Welcome back readers! I hope you've had a wonderful time tucking into books written by New Zealand authors in the holiday break.
I asked our reviewers what their favourite books for 2008 were - see their lists below. Of course they haven't read all 103 books published last year - perhaps you can tell us what your favourite New Zealand books were.

Vivienne Lingard's favourites:
The Puffin Treasury of New Zealand Children's Stories, put out by Scholastic NZ.'
The Snake and Lizard by Joy Cowley illustrator Gavin Bishop, Gecko Press.
'The Mad Tadpole Aventure' by Melanie Drewery illustrator Jenny Cooper, Scholastic
To The Harbour by Stanley Palmer, Lopdell House Gallery.

Lorraine Orman's favourites:
Peter and the Pig – Simon Grant, illus. Jenny Cooper (Scholastic NZ)
A Birthday in the life of Ozzie Kingsford – Val Bird (Random House NZ)
Night Hunting – Deborah Burnside (Penguin NZ)
The Magician of Hoad – Margaret Mahy (HarperCollins NZ)

Maria Gill's favourites:
The 10 PM Question by Kate de Goldi (Longacre)
Pepetuna by Denise Whitmore (Penguin)
Thornspell by Helen Lowe (Knopf)
Juno of Taris by Fleur Beale (Random)
The Apple by Ben Brown & Tracy Duncan (Penguin)
Every Second Friday by Kiri Lightfoot and Ben Galbraith (Hodder)
Atoms, dinosaurs & DNA by Veronika Meduna & Rebecca Priestley (Random)

Christine Hurst's favourite picture books:
The Eleventh Sheep by Kyle Mewburn, Scholastic
Kei te Pehea koe? By Tracy Duncan, Penguin
Piggity Wiggity Jiggity Jig by Diana Neld, Scholastic
Captain cough-a-lot by Grant Walker, Scholastic
The were-nana by Melinda Szymanik, Scholastic

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