Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kiwi Write4Kidz authors' books

Three Kiwi Write4Kidz members have new books out:
Brian Falkner's book 'The Tomorrow Code' is being released in America, U.K., Australia and New Zealand over the months of October, November and December. He plans to have a book launch in New Zealand early December at Next Page Please.
Melinda Szymanik launches her two latest books: The Were Nana (picture book) and Jack the Viking (chapter book) this Saturday 8th November at 4.00pm Mainly Toys, 539 Mt Eden Road, Auckland - she'd love to see you there. See Melinda's book reviews on the first blog entry.
Tania Mills first book 'Don't Call Me Jojo' is being launched at the Botany Library showcase room on Sunday November 9th at 2pm. Anyone who is interested in attending please RSVP at

The Tomorrow Code Brian Falkner (Walker Books)ISBN: 9781921150340 RRP $19.95
Crack the code, or tomorrow is history!
Tane and Rebecca aren’t sure what to make of a sequence of 1s and 0s, a message that looks like a random collection of alternating digits. As they decode it, slowly it becomes clear -- the messages are being sent back in time from the future! But why...Tane and Rebecca follow the message’s cryptic instructions, but it’s not long before they begin to suspect the worst --that the very survival of the human race may be at stake!
Review: Falkner makes his U.S. debut with a book that resonates with a Down Under accent. With a tautly constructed plot, this fast-paced and all-too-realistic thriller asks both protagonists and readers to consider the implications of humankind's exploitation of the earth and its possibly catastrophic repercussions. Tane and Rebecca, 14-year-olds living in Auckland, receive coded messages from their future selves, warning about an apocalyptic event that only they can prevent. As they decipher the clues and race to take the right steps to save lives, readers are swept into visions of ecological disaster and a planet fighting back. With puzzles aplenty, codes, computers and a submarine called Mobius, this technothriller offers gearhead ecowarriors everything, including a hugely satisfying ending. Character development does not take a back seat to plot, however; told largely through Tane's eyes, the narrative creates a believable and sympathetic cast of characters, both main and supporting. Exciting and thought-provoking, it will raise awareness of serious issues as it entertains. (Thriller. 10 & up) Kirkus Starred Review
Check out the website:

Don't Call Me JoJo Tania Mills (Scholastic) ISBN: 978 1 86943 8203 RRP $18.99
Josie and her dad have always been close; she is his little ‘Jojo’.
Then one night the police come and Josie learns a shocking secret:
her kind, gentle father is a criminal.
Now, against her wishes, Josie has to move to a new town to be
near her father in prison. She dreads what her new schoolmates will
say when they discover her dad’s a crim. How could he do this to
her? Josie swears she will never speak to him again. And as for his
pet name … forget it. Target Reading age 11-14 years

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