Sunday, November 2, 2008

October books

Coming out at the end of October were the first of the Christmas books! Some of our well known and much loved authors have a new book for you or your children to read over the holidays...

Picture Books

Oliver Goes Exploring Margaret Beames and Sue Hitchcock (illustrator)
Scholastic ISBN 978-1-86943-875-3
At the end of Mrs. Bundy’s garden was a shrubbery. Oliver liked to hide there among the bushes. Sometimes he jumped out at Mrs. Bundy when she wasn’t looking. “Oh, Oliver!” she would cry. “You gave me such a fright!”
Oliver is a cheeky black cat and he loves to explore. One day he finds a hole in the back fence, so he squeezes through to find a wonderful place full of insects, butterflies, spiders and a …. Frog.
A lovely story for 4 to 6 year olds. Strong illustrations in black white and green. This is the third book about Oliver, following on from Oliver’s Party and Oliver in the garden, winner of the NZ Post Picture Book award

Brian the big-brained Romney Yvonne Morrison and Deborah Hinde (Illustrator)
Scholastic ISBN 978-1-86943-872-2
T’was a week after Christmas and Santa was beat. He’d delivered his presents, his job was complete. He strolled to the paddock and greeted his flock, then saw a sight that gave him a shock!
No reindeer in this story, and no sleigh either. Instead there is Brian. A disappointment to his father, who had intended teaching Brian the skills of rugby, soccer and cricket, Brian was much happier playing around with electronics, books and astronomy. But on the night before Christmas a thick fog rolls. Brian, of course, comes to Santa’s rescue.
This is the sequel to ‘A Kiwi Night before Christmas’. A great New Zealand Christmas storybook for 4 to 8 year olds, to read themselves or for teacher or parent for shared reading sessions.

Rufus and the Rain Mark Laurent and Chris Liddiard (illustrator)
Scholastic ISBN 978-1-86943-890-6
Rufus the bear lay on the soft, springy grass outside his cave. He was having a snooze and dreaming of drinking a nice hot cup of tea. The sun was warm on his fur. Rufus loved the sun best of all.
But a small cloud comes along and covers the sun. So Rufus asks the wind to blow away the cloud and for the cloud and the wind to go away and stay away.
But without wind and without clouds and without rain, terrible things begin to happen …
Suitable for 4 to 6 year olds, especially for discussion about the weather. A nice read aloud book, with beautiful watercolour illustrations.

Chapter Books 8-12 year olds

Comet and the Champion's Cup: Pony Club Secrets Stacy Gregg, Harper Collins NZ
The bay colt knew the girl was watching. He arched his neck proudly, delighting in her attention as he trotted by. When he passed the paddock railing where the girl was sitting, the colt came so close that he almost brushed against her knees. She giggled and reached out a hand to grab him, but the colt swerved away, putting on a sudden burst of speed...
When Aunt Hess opens a riding school for summer, Issie and her pony club friends jump at the chance to help. Issie gets to know Comet, a cheeky but talented pony with real show jumping potential. Will Issue be able to train her in time for the Horse of the Year show?
This book has it all for pony club teens: gymkhanas to win, rivals to defeat, mysteries to solve, ponies in danger and two boys to choose from...
My nine-year old daughter gobbled this book up and now demands the rest in the series. Comet and the Champion's Cup is the fifth in this very successful series now being sold in the UK, Canada and Australia with a film to follow.
RRP $14.99 ISBN: 978-0-00-727030-9

Young Adult

The Magician of Hoad by Margaret Mahy, HarperCollins NZ
This complex and challenging fantasy is set in a mythical pre-Renaissance society. Five characters meet and their lives become entwined: a treacherous Hero, a worldly-wise Magician, a confused farm boy, a girl of noble birth, and a mad Prince. The story follows Heriot, the farm boy, who gradually discovers another side to his personality, one of mystery and magic. Themes such as love, duty, betrayal, self-knowledge and the abuse of power are explored. The story is illuminated by the author’s ever-questioning intellect and her superb skills with language and imagery.
ISBN 978-1-86950-687-2 - RRP $39.99

Non Fiction

All About New Zealand Birds by Dave Gunson
This fun and educational book features dozens of vibrant illustrations by talented artist, children’s book writer and bird fanatic Dave Gunson. Over 50 of our most interesting and most loved native and introduced birds have been illustrated especially for this book by Dave. Each page features one large illustration of a bird and 100 words of text. All About New Zealand Birds is an ideal introduction to many of the birds of New Zealand for people of all ages. Accompanied by fascinating – and often humorous – facts about physical characteristics, habitat, feeding habits, breeding information and more, this book is sure to appeal to the whole family.
ISBN: 978-1-86966-198-4 RRP: $24.99

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